Kung Fu Panda

Kung Fu Panda ★★★

I've never fully seen this movie until now, but it feels like I have. With all the commercials, trailers, and TV spots over the years, they showed off what seems like 75% of the content. Blame it on me for waiting 12 years, but I don't get the need to showcase so much of the movie.

Anyway, the result was about what I expected. Bright, fluid animation for the younger kids. Many will find it hilarious, but I was not a fan of the humor. It mostly boils down and consists of body humor/physical humor. Po getting hurt and Jack Black making weird noises. Not for me.

I think the animation looks extremely solid, especially for the age now. The lip syncing is perfect, every nuance is captured well. No dull moments or strange techniques that I found.

What I liked most were the action sequences. This is when the animation really takes off. It's a lot of fun to see the characters go crazy and throw unique moves at each other. It's probably what a lot of people will remember. Especially the kids.

All in all, another cute kid's adventure with memorable characters and some excellent lessons to take away. Just for those alone, I think it's a fantastic movie to show children.

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