Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter ★★

When are executives going to learn their lesson? When are they going to realize they need more than basic knowledge of the source material, and that they don't need to stray far from it?

This doesn't start feeling like Monster Hunter until two-thirds of the way through. To preface, I'm not even a die hard fan of the franchise. I respect it, but never fell deeply in love. I recognize the characters, landscape, and creatures enough to know they didn't start giving a crap until the movie was mostly done.

What we get before that is generic military team with awful, cringey dialogue gets ambushed by a monster. Milla Jovovich gets transported to Monster Hunter world and for most of the runtime, it's more like a shipwrecked story. We have our cliche as hell language barrier conflict between her and Tony Jaa, who the movie should have been about in the first place. "Chocolate!" It wasn't funny the first time, shut the hell up.

Most of the redeeming factors come from that last one-third of the movie, which also by the way comes to a frustratingly cliffhanger-esque end. But everything here looks and feels how Monster Hunter should! Why did we need this super lame military angle to take up most of our precious runtime?

It's no shock that we have yet another crap video game adaptation on our hands. Worthy of a skip, just like all the rest before it. Can't we just get one good one? Is that so much to ask?

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