Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest ★★★★

Truly, a hard one to rate when this and the first go hand in hand so well. Aspects of this one I favor, while it also lacks in certain departments.

Let's start off with Davy Jones' crew, my favorite part. Barnacle engulfed, half sea, half human creatures, who appear as if their stench is overwhelming and their bodies decaying from the mold-covered dampness that covers their bodies. Besides Davy Jones himself, the best one was the hammerhead shark hybrid. And with Bootstrap, seeing the conversion these pool souls had to go through is a new level of heartbreaking. The creativity here knows no limit and I bet crafting the designs for these mates was so fulfilling.

Having an appearance from the kraken too tickled my fancy. Most of my followers know by now the weak spot I have for giant creatures, so it should come as no surprise why their inclusion mattered to me. Our effects only look slightly shoddy when the tentacled beast showed up, but still holding fairly well.

Visually, this film is straight up a masterpiece. With its story, it could use a little work. We seem to hop around scenes sometimes without proper setup as to what brought us here. Maybe I'm not explaining it right, but despite the length, it moves too quickly at times. Also, events feel radically contrived when comparing to the first. Nothing feels organic, it's all happening because that would result in the most exciting turnout.

There's plenty to talk about with this one, but no need to cover it all in one go. In the future I know I'll come back again. The fun factor is through the roof, even if the realistic side takes a heavy dip. Do we really need that though, when the world building and visuals look this great?

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