Raiders of the Lost Ark

Raiders of the Lost Ark ★★★★½

My first thought when bringing up the genre of action adventure in a conversation or otherwise always gravitates toward this movie. It was every kids dream to see the world and uncover treasures like Indy, fighting bad guys along the way.

Indy is the perfect hero to root for. He's that right level of badass where he can get the job done, but he's human enough where he has faults and failures along the way, where he can be hurt and defeated. All that matters is getting back up and completing the original goal he had in mind.

The action fits the style of the film perfectly, where it's over the top and chaotic, campy enough to warrant a laugh here and there, but intense enough to enjoy. Part of me can't believe it was only PG (Pg13 didn't exist when this came out but it has its fair share of brutal moments).

Loved the abundance of practical effects, but there were a couple small doses of green screen that looked harsh by today's standards. One thing I will praise the film on is its use of lighting. Time and again there were inspired moments that cast shadows in perfect places and really help set the tone of the scene.

Splender abound, this movie is so easy to enjoy and really brings out the adventurous side in all of us. One of the best action heroes of all time.

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