Scream ★★★½

*Spooktober Spooktacular Entry 18 2020*

Another hugely popular horror flick I never got to, crossed off my list. I can see some of the reasoning behind the love, while still realizing some of the flaws.

I still remember every single kid I went to school with dressed as ghost face nearly every Halloween. Kids were watching this?

Anyway, the motor gets running immediately, starting the tension off with a bang, and doing a great job at keeping the momentum going, for most of the runtime.

There's this inability to shake the mention of every traumatic event happening to this girl. Tone deaf much guys? Some of the kids are so downright cruel that I wouldn't have questioned if our lead ended up turning into the killer.

Speaking of not being able to shut up, it feels like every other flipping line is a reference to another film or actor. It's meta overload and makes me feel like this was supposed to be a spoof. But it's not. It's totally serious. I love myself a couple simple nods to other movies, but this took it way, way too often.

At the end of the knife (eh?) this ended up being a pretty fun whodunnit and a successful franchise while constantly mentioning every other, like it knew it was gonna be among them one day.

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