Signs ★★★

Like many of M. Night Shyamalan's pictures, Signs has strong elements that feature weaknesses parallel at almost any given time.

Gibson's backstory is a sad one, having lost his wife in a tragic accident. It anchors the loss of faith he feels and properly explains his current feelings. However, all the dialog between him and the female police officer at the accident scene totally removed all seriousness of the situation. No wonder Scary Movie spoofed this part.

For once, the aliens are actually a pretty terrifying thought. Bravo, to not feature them as prominently. The reveal scene at the kid's birthday party always terrified me as a kid. Then we get another mystifying decision, one that almost singlehandedly destroys any goodwill going for this entire project. The "twist" as many would call it, and the true weakness of the extraterrestrials. Awful. Simply ridiculous. Writing with no foresight or intelligent thought.

Those are the main examples, but Signs can be a tense thriller, even having a few nail-biting scenes. You tend to forget all the positivity though, when the build up has resulted in a house of cards tragically becoming two-dimensional.

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