Spencer ★★★★½

Everybody say it with me: KRISTEN. STEWART. IS. A. PHENOMENAL. ACTRESS. This is her new legacy.

Not only is the poster one of the most powerful in recent memory, but is greatly representative of the desperation and despair Diana feels. Seeking solace in the fleeting moments of isolation she can find.

Her connection to the pheasant goes a lot farther than for the sport of hunting or a dish prepared for the estate. Comparably, they are of the same feather, so to speak. Admired for their beauty, but forcibly removed from their natural habitat so they may serve a singular purpose: to be fixed in a way that appeals to the large majority. Consumed by the masses, never to live by an agenda of freewill.

Spencer announces freely that much of these accounts could be fabricated and aren't based on recalled memories, since we were never provided with such details for what went on in these few days. Yet none of it should be brushed aside, as it points a defying finger at the troubling practices of royalty. How "there is no future."

Through a flurry of pre-determined worth, abolished freedom, and identity being surgically removed, Spencer paints a picture so troubling, it might as well be colored with blood. On top of that, a soundtrack that was written in rhythm with the sporadic murmur of a heart desperately attempting to find its way again.

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