Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad ★½

Messy, messy, messy. This was a plate of uncooked ingredients thrown together and then those same ingredients were spray painted to try and appear artistic.

Even though most of the DC universe is a disaster, I want to go through and log what I haven't already, and complete the ones I've held off on seeing. Thank God I got this one out of the way early, so hopefully others look better by comparison.

Not once have I bought into the hype of Margot Robbie/Harley Quinn. Maybe I just upset the entire population with that statement, we'll see once I wake up (or don't). With the one sole guiding performance most people cling to, there's already a disconnect, meaning very little appeals in this case.

Squeezing the tiniest ounce of pleasure in this desolate waste of resources was the inclusion of the character Katana, who strikingly resembles her comic book counterpart. THANK YOU. Unfortunately, her tasks are trivial, with little to contribute.

Really, that's a big reason why this doesn't work. We have an abundance of moving parts with no proper blueprint or clue where to put them. Bloated to the point of popping, each character and an attempt to structure plot or story around them leads to overcrowding and no room to move around.

Next to that, the editing was done by a monkey. I hope. Otherwise, I'm embarrassed for this person. Such shoddiness, an apparent lack of dedication or respect, only to get credit for being colorful and "edgy" is no way to go about a job requiring talent and true passion. Whoever was behind this monstrous treatment of any film, regardless the context, should be ashamed.

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