Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Terminator 2: Judgment Day ★★★★★

Movies like this only come once in half a century, maybe even longer. Where the plot is riveting, with characters doused in relatable humanity, and unstoppable, memorable, creative action set pieces to separate itself from the pack. Every few minutes, I kept thinking to myself "this is so damn good."

The best sequence in the film has to be through the drainage canal with Arnold riding a chopper and the T1000 gunning after them in a gigantic semi, plowing through cement, destroying everything in its path just to get a hold of John Connor. As Arnold fights back, reloading his lever action shotgun in the quickest and coolest fashion, the truck our regenerating Terminator drives breaks further and further apart, but shows no signs of stopping.

With all the action that exceeds anything that had been done around this time, many might assume that aspects like structuring of characters would fall flat. On the contrary. Even though young John clearly has a rebellious streak, he's more mature than people realize. Through his mom's teachings, he's learned how to handle numerous weapons, properly understanding their mechanisms. John values the knowledge he's obtained and scoffs at children his age who care about things like, as he specifically names off, Nintendo.

Additionally, when Arnold enters the fray, John's inevitable leadership skills start to bloom. Being a child, at first, the orders come like one would talk to a household pet, but later grow into right and wrong, even pushing the machine beyond its normal functionality. He is taught to smile, to use slang, and why humans cry.

Revisiting this majestic piece of cinema was my reward for having to sit through Scary Movie 5. Whenever I start to lose hope in the direction movies seem to journey toward, I can fall back to a simpler time, when they had standards to adhere to. God bless movies like this, may we one day get another Terminator 2.

"It's in your nature to destroy yourselves."

(watched Ultimate cut)

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