Thunderball ★★★½

Thunderball has the best intro song out of these originals I've watched so far. Goldfinger's was great too, but something about this one hits different.

The Bond girl this time is Domino, and she's gotta be my favorite thus far. No, not meaning character development or circumstantial strengths to the story, but just in terms of looks. She is a fine woman. You know, because girls are only for looking at, am I right?? At least according to the 60s.

Probably the greatest strength this entry has are the underwater segments. I could see other fans not taking to them as much or how often they occur, but I couldn't get enough.

What's great is that it's not just Connery swimming around in a backyard pool. There are huge amounts of detail put in, like other sea life, sea plants, and even boats to spruce up the looks. Not only that, but it's all shot very clearly. You know exactly what is going on, it's not some gross, murky water. And the climax takes place mostly underwater. So rad!

But it's not all technically adequate. There are some embarrassing green screen moments. Like near the beginning, when a man opens a hotel door, and the hallway is greenscreened in! You're telling me that you bozos couldn't film in a real hotel?

In conclusion, I think this and From Russia with Love are tied for me. I had a blast and I wouldn't mind watching again. But I'm also thinking about taking a break from Bond for a minute.

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