Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★½

Jason Statham in an action movie? I haven't been this surprised since I found out McDonald's was bad for you! Okay, so maybe they haven't run the mill entirely dry just yet. It's quite good.

Unique in its storytelling, a strength and a weakness. Focus tends to waver from subject to subject with no clear set directive. Statham is featured on the cover and all trailers, however his embroiled fury takes very little of the main runtime. We jump back between the thugs, the employees of the "cash trucks" and then back to Statham from time to time. Because of this, the plot jogs along at an adequate pace. Not once are we stuck in a singular place and that's great.

I'm conflicted by this approach, because not sticking to one surface means we lose focus often, as stated. Who is this really about? We're supposed to feel for Statham's character, but when we pop in and out of his life, our grip holding onto what little background is provided slips.

Having glimpses into the other side of the conflict is a welcome approach, and I can't, in good faith, ride the critique train too heavy on it. For a story played like this, they really didn't need it though. Events never become heavy with minor details that require a second look, it's easy enough to follow, so having this perspective doesn't add much.

What most really come for are the shootouts and they're fundamentally sound, especially in the third act. Wrath's eagerness to immerse us in hardcore violence doesn't go unnoticed and I personally found the weapon choices gratifying. Tame on some blood splatter, yet you feel every shot.

Concluding, Wrath of Man does well to stay away from a mostly predictable blueprint, favoring intelligent scriptwriting and confident direction. It feels like it could have been a heist epic, had the runtime been stretched, akin to something like Heat, but what it aims for is almost always struck.

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