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  • Warcraft



    I never played the games, but I mostly like what they tried to do here. It has enough original ideas and small subversions of classic fantasy tropes, that it stands out as a unique fantasy yarn, but it also could have used another round of editing. Some scenes don't breathe like they should, others are too slow, some characters obviously were more interesting in the script than they are here.

    The end result is watchable and far from being a soulless paycheck movie, but also not the genre re-invention that it was supposed to be.
    #039 in 2017
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  • Grimsby



    Stupid, offensive, disgusting and hilarious as fuck. That's all.
    #038 in 2017
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  • 1941



    Maybe it’s just my love for the classic slapstick subgenre in general, but this is my favourite Spielberg movie. The gags come fast, most of them are silly, but almost all of them stick one way or another. And the spectacle, that dominates the 2nd half of the movie (and there is a lot of it), is as perfectly staged as you expect it from a Spielberg movie.

    If it has one flaw, it’s maybe that not every actor has…

  • Kung Fury

    Kung Fury

    There are two kinds of cult movies. There are the ROCKY HORRORs and BLACK DYNAMITEs and then there are the MACHETE KILLSes, SHARKNADOs and KUNG FURYs. In the first category are movies, that are made by people who had a cool idea and carefully put together a movie that they can be proud of. The second category are movies, made by people, who just randomly slap every image from their ADHD ridden stoner brain together, without any feeling for rhythm…