Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter ★½

Me: "Hey, Timur Bekmambetov! I bet you will never make a more tasteless and tone deaf movie than your life-sucks-until-you-kill-someone porn WANTED!"

Timur B: "Oh yeah? How about an alternate history movie, in which I film the whipping of a black kid like a cool special effect moment? Also slavery will be just a cover up for vampire activity!"

Man, I wish the movie would be more like the horse stampede scene and not like...the rest. This was the only time, where the movie found the right mix between "Yeah, I know this stupid" and "But it's also really cool!"

It's not like I demand a jokey wink-wink-nudge-nudge version of this movie, but it played its story a bit TOO straight faced for me. It doesn't have enough fun with its premise, right down to how every single story beat is a cliche, that was done to death by the mid-90s. If it was supposed to be a parody of or tongue in cheek throwback to that kind of movie, something simply got lost in translation on the way from script to screen and what we got, was a shitty, questionable big budget c-movie.
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