Alien: Covenant ★★★½

It's not as great as parts 1 and 2, not as bad as part 3, not as entertainingly bonkers as part 4, miles ahead of those horrible AvP movies and feels more complete as PROMETHEUS. In fact, it's very entertaining, has great production values and special FX (although the creatures look a bit worse than the photorealistic rest), is the bloodiest of the series and there is a longer stretch, that is even legitimately scary.

It's just too bad that the story doesn't do many new things and none of the characters is memorable. I can't remember any of their names, who had a relationship with who, didn't care when they died and in fact only remember that one was Kenny Fucking Powers. But he never says or does anything interesting either.

Maybe the biggest problem is that it wastes too much runtime on the two Androids, who are not just played by the super bland and overrated Michael Fassbender, but also do not much else than blabbering pseudophilosophical bullshit.

All in all I would say the series is on the right track again, but it's still a long way to its former glory.
#061 in 2017