Anatomy 2 ★★

Unfortunately this it's time it's way too much medical ethics and conspiracy drama, instead of anything resembling horror. At least while the conclusion is a big, fat anti-climax, the last act is quite suspenseful. Also the occasional weird sprinkles of humor still work and they were decent enough to not kill part 1's final girl Franka Potente in a pre-credit scene, although this time she was only available for a cameo.

It's just too bad that the movie is most of the time quite boring, Heike Makatsch (who sucks the life out of everything) is in it and they totally robbed us of the "superpowered medical students fight each other) finale that I was hoping for.

Random observation: Early on we see a "first day on the job" montage, that seems inspired by the pilot of SCRUBS.
#117 in 2018
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