Anatomy ★★★½

Germany's most successful (Both commercial and in terms of quality) try to cash in on the post-SCREAM slasher craze, is actually not a slasher. It's more closer to something like SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, where you have a thriller, but the things the killer(s) do to their victims are awful enough to push it into the horror genre. However, without the success of SCREAM this would've never been made here, especially not with the backing of a major studio.

The result is mostly really good. Writer/director Stefan Ruzowitzky, who later won an Oscar with DIE FÄLSCHER, has obviously fun with the premise and is not afraid of stepping gleefully into B-movie territory once in a while. At the same time it's really well directed, but unfortunately the script falls a bit apart in the last act. The humor in it mostly works, the characters are likeable, we sometimes have to endure cheesy dialogue and wooden acting, but at the same time the extra layer of "Do we really know what our grandparents did?", gives it some extra depth, that probably will not just resonate with German viewers.
#116 in 2018
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