Avengers: Infinity War

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

I can't rate this movie, because, well, the ending is missing!

Now I know that we had, especially in the 21st century, a bunch of to-be-continueds in our movie theatres, but I still think it's a stupid moneygrabbing thing to do AND many of those had at least the decency to tell a finished story anyway. Think BACK TO THE FUTURE 2. Marty destroys the almanach, the timeline is restored, everything is fine. Despite the cliffhanger, the next movie is a whole different story with a beginning and an end. Or the LORD OF THE RINGS movies. Yes, they tell the story of one big journey, but by the end of parts one and two, every sidequest of that respective chapter had a real ending and the next movie could focus on something else.

Another problem here is, that its huge cliffhanger tries to be shocking, but come on, we know that the next movie will push a big fat reset button. There is no way in hell that they will continue the MCU without all the characters who dissolved. Or even in a universe where 50% of all people are dead. And the reset will most likely go even further than just the ending, because they started to kill off some of the most popular characters before that! The MCU isn't GAME OF THRONES! In the first 10 minutes they not just undid the hopeful ending of the one THOR movie that everybody loved, they also gave the most beloved supporting character a completely unworthy death! And I doubt that they will destroy the group dynamic of the GOTG, their most popular sub-franchise, that early on by killing one of them at this point.

They wrote themself into such a corner, I predict that the next AVENGERS movie will be the most controversial of the bunch, simply because of its inevitable Deus Ex Machina ending. (However, if they somehow pull a 100% satisfying and unpredictable conclusion out of their hats, feel free to write this text on a sandwich and make me eat my words. But since they even had Dr Strange assuring us that everything will be fine, I doubt that this will happen.)

Minor problems: The Russos have finally learned the basics of action filmmaking, but still don't know how to use them right. The action scenes were still unnecessary close, shaky and overedited and lacked any impact because of this. And for some reason this was the first MCU movie, where the humor felt completely flat to me. I can't really put my finger on it, but outside of Drax's invisibility trick, every attempt at humor and every small quip, left me stone faced. Man, I worry now for the James Gunn-less GOTG 3, whenever it will come, more than ever.

And for fuck's sake. Why! Did! Nobody! Try! To! Chop! Thanos's! Arm! Off! I get that they are heroes and shit like that would be unnecessarily cruel, but they know that the universe is at stake here! Instead of pulling on the glove for 15 minutes, why not just take a lasergun or a Dr Strange portal and remove the whole thing?

Oh well, let's see if I will be able to appreciate it more, once they give us a conclusion to this story.
#111 in 2018