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This review may contain spoilers.

I feel bad for not enjoying Edgar Wright's movies more. It's not just that I once had an incredible nice out of the blue social media encounter with him, he is also an undeniably talented director who has a hand for taking dumb stories and turning them into something unique and creative. Still, outside of HOT FUZZ, nothing he did ever fully clicked with me.

The problem with BD is that it's a good idea for a short film (or one of those 10-15 minutes long music videos, that were so popular in the 90s and early 00s), but it's stretched out with lots of annoying wannabe smartass and tough guy dialogue and only gains momentum in the last act. Unfortunately then it doesn't know when to stop and runs at least 15 minutes longer than it should. It's a weird case of too much build-up and WAY too much pay-off!

I'm not complaining about a soundtrack full of good music, but it comes across like Wright wanted us to impress with his record collection instead of giving each song a real reason to be there. (Also wouldn't it be funny if Baby would actually listen to really shitty music? Like German funfair techno from the 90s or Lil' Pump? He could still use it for great driving, but would less come across like a Hipster.)

And I really can't get behind some of the character motivations. (Mild spoiler) Is Baby really that stupid that he thought the one certain quirk, that comes to bite his ass before the last act, would never get him into any trouble? And why the fuck would a woman be so stupid to do what she does for someone who she just met a few days ago? And why would someone like Spacey's character, who apparently goes to great lengths to know everything about everyone he hires, ever hire someone as erratic as Jamie Foxx in the first place?

Well, the movie is too well made to be actually bad. And when it entertains, it entertains a lot. But the whole package leaves a lot to desired.
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