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This review may contain spoilers.

Okay, let me this time do one of those list style "reviews", that I normally try to avoid:

The Good
- I laughed my ass off, which is the most important thing
- I had my doubts about the sequel going bigger than the refreshingly small part 1, but the mix of legit action and irrevent silliness even works on a big scale
- The best use of "Look, it's _________" cameos in a long time, maybe ever
- Yes, it's the Ryan Reynolds show, but the whole supporting cast is so fucking great! Bring on the X-Force movie!
- The mid-credit scene actually made some people in my movie theatre applaud, which is a reaction that I'm not used from German audiences.

The not so good
- There were some callbacks to jokes from part 1, that felt a bit too forced
- Bryan Tyler is no Junkie XL
- Not enough Negasonic Teenage Warhead. Her "fuck off" sarcasm worked so well in combination with Colossus' goody-two-shoesness and Deadpool's Deadpoolness, it's a shame she gets so little to do here.
- They overdid the "play some corny/innocent classic song in the wrong moment" gag.
- Outside of the "Oh no, they didn't" opening credits, the most meta movie ever made didn't feel the need to adress the "Let's kill the love interest from part 1 in the beginning of the sequel" cliche? I mean, I cut them some slack, because it came together nicely in the way it connected Deadpool, Cable and Firefist, but they couldn't even think of an "Oh shit, she got totally Franka Potente'd" line or something similar?

So far, DEADPOOL is the little superhero franchise that could. I actually dread the moment, when they not just fuck up by themself (or through studio pressure), but also when a bunch of shitty movies, that try to get a slice of the R-rated big budget slapstick action comedy cake clog our multiplexes. Y'know it will happen.
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