Despicable Me 3 ★★½

I still kinda like this series without having any special attachment to it, but man, this one was all over the place! It's like the script was too short, so they kept adding random subplots, until it was juuuuuust long enough (80-ish minutes till the credits roll) to count as full length motion picture.

After Gru and his brother went on the diamond heist, which is by far the most entertaining and funniest part of the movie, I was hoping for a minute that some big Edgar Wrightian all-those-random-things-come-together-at-the-end reveal would happen, but this was not the case. And unfortunately none of the million plots, that range from family reunions to unicorn hunts, was really interesting. Otherwise I would be willing to overlook the randomness of the script.

At least I decided to ignore that it was in this movie's universe apparently possible, that in the 80s, when learning, hugging and happy ends were mandatory and it was a huge scandal when Bart Simpson said "hell" on public television, a show about an evil kid was able to become a worldwide phenomenon, instead of a swiftly cancelled cult classic, that wasn't full appreciated until decades later.
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