Doom ★★½

I still got a little kick out of it, because I love those "Bunch of people trapped with one or more monsters" movies, but damn, this is a pretty bad one.

It's not just that it's so dark that you can barely see anything, the characters are super awful assholes. Just a group of annoying creeps, junkies, Jesus freaks and black stereotypes. Compare that to the marines from ALIENS, who said a few cheesy tough guy/girl lines too, but you just felt that they went through hell and back together and would die for each other! It's a miracle that any of the marines here survived that long without getting kicked out!

It's like they filmed the POV sequence, which is really the only moment when the movie is fun and inspired, and then realized that they can't just release these five minutes in theatres. So they had to build a movie around it, but didn't know how.

Anyway, I forgot that it not just has Dwayne Johnson in monster Make Up for a minute, but also that there was a time when he was credited as The Rock.
#028 in 2018
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