Follow That Bird ★★★½

Not really one of those kids movies that can be fully enjoyed by adult audiences, but since it's Sesame Street (and even done when Jim Henson was still alive), it's obviously done with lots of undeniable care and enthusiasm, which makes it fun to watch as a 36 year old after all.

But man, the German dubbing is infuriating! It's like it was done by people who never watched Sesame Street and didn't bother to do research. For example most of the characters had different voices than in the TV version and had their original American names, instead of the German ones. (For example Big Bird is normally known as Bibo over here, yet is constantly called Big Bird in the German dub anyway.)

BTW, we should all appreciate the fact that Carol Spier did the art direction for this one, right between VIDEODROME and THE FLY.
#045 in 2018