Four Against the Bank

Oh boy. Wolfgang Petersen's output has always been of varying quality, but at the very least even his worst movies were watchable and obviously made by a pro who knows what he is doing.

Until now.

I don't know if something happened to him in the 10 years between POSEIDON and this one or if having to work in Germany again sucked all joy out of him, but that was nearly unwatchable amateur hour.

Or maybe it's a straight faced parody of modern German cinema? He took all the complaints that people, who would never even watch a German movie anyway, have (bad acting, bad cinematography, bad script, etc) and put them in front of the camera! Could it be the STARSHIP TROOPERS of German popcorn movies?

Whatever it is, it's hard to get through. The four protagonists, played by some of Germany's most popular (or most hated, depending who you ask) actors, are unlikeable and annoying. The actors keep mugging and shout their dialogue as if they are in constant fear of being upstaged by the other three. While the 2nd half of the movie is a bit better than the 1st, the whole thing lacks any suspense or good jokes. Stuff just happens and is easily solved.

The only one who escapes this mess with some dignity, is Antje Traue, who is a joy to watch from her first to her last scene. Although the turn from no-nonsense super cop to charming, but easily fooled love interest really hurts her character and is just another example of the movie's incompetence.
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