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This review may contain spoilers.

I really wanted to like that movie. It looked like fun and the word of mouth was good (at least when it premiered at some festivals. Afterwards nobody talked about it anymore.). And I admit, it's not completely unentertaining, but:

a.) The complete lack of geography killed the whole thing. 99% of the time it was completely impossible to figure out where everybody is and who shoots at whom in what direction! The movie has ONE location! How can you screw up so badly? Go back to filmschool! Or watch at least JOHN WICK or some Edgar Wright movies!

b.) I thought we as a society agreed that we have moved on from the Tarantino knock-off gangster movie, full of "funny" violence and "clever" dialogue when the 90s ended. Even if I like a lot of entries in that subgenre much more than the real deal (Disclaimer: I only like two Tarantino movies), I got sick of them a long time ago either. So unless you are a writer from the caliber of at least Shane Black, stop putting pseudo-eloquent smartass babble into your characters' mouths!

c.) Am I sexist, because I rolled my eyes really hard when the only woman in the movie was right at the beginning established as the most likeable and professional person in the whole operation, who also constantly has to deal with the sleazeballs around her with a charming fake smile, and because of that I instantly knew that she would be the only one who gets out of it alive? I get it, it's the age of "Everything is sexist" thinkpieces, but don't be afraid to kill your female characters early and/or make them as shitty as the boys club around her!
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