Game Night ★★★★

There are not many studio comedies that I enjoyed in the 21st century. I blame the terror reign of Judd Apatow and his "Let's make a comedy 2 1/2 hours long by leaving every goddamn improvised line in it" method. So I not just was damn surprised how much I enjoyed it, but also that it was directed by the guys who made the awful VACATION reboot!

Seriously! They put some actual care into the movie, by using a good script with a tight story and funny jokes, putting a bunch of great actors in front of the camera (Oh god, Jesse Plemons! JESSE PLEMONS!!! I'm laughing just by typing his name!) and came up with some surprisingly cool visual ideas, that make it look like a real movie. (The [fake] one-take chase scene through the mansion might be one of my favourite action scenes of the year!) And of course it only runs for 100 minutes including credits and if there are any heavily improvised scenes in it, they reduced them to a minimum and made them look like a natural part of the script.

I don't think that this will go down in history as some stone cold classic, but it might become one of those "Hey, remember that one? That was cool!" movies, that we mention every once in a while 20 years from now.
#134 in 2018

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