Garden State ★★★★

I have no idea why people started to pile on that movie, after it was more or less universally loved for a few years.

Okay, it's 10 minutes too long and some of the hipster philosophy parts, that were fresh and could even be considered deep 13 years ago, are now, after years of "Awmygawd, check out my unique personality on Instagram and Tumblr, y'all" simply awkward and cliched, but it's still the greatest movie about being a twentysomething who feels lost in the world and tries to make any kind of sense of the own failure and lack of perspective in life.

Zach Braff directed with an incredibly sure hand for a first timer and created a beautiful looking movie, full of pitch perfect performances and hilarious moments of "It's only funny because it's true" awkwardness.

Sorry, GARDEN STATE still works. Too bad that Braff kinda missed the boat on becoming the defining independent filmmaker of his era, because I take the precise visual style and dry humor with pinch of melancholy of this (and WISH I WAS HERE) over the mumblecore shakycam bullshit of people yelling at each other and/or uglycrying, that is most of the time already forgotten once it leaves the festival circuit, that all the other guys throw at us these days.
#112 in 2017