Ghostbusters ★★½

Remember when this movie was considered controversial, because "men" thought Paul Feig and Kristen Wiig would come to cut off their peen and "feminists" declared war on everybody who dared to see just one minor flaw in this brillant masterpiece of female superiority? Hard to believe that such a mediocre movie could cause such a ruckus.

It's really not bad, it's just...there. The script makes as much sense as SUICIDE SQUAD's, but unlike that movie, the cast of GHOSTBUSTERS 2016, which consists of people who are all great on their own and made me laugh several times in different shows and movies, has a surprising lack of chemistry and does nothing to elevate the unoriginal and predictable jokes. Chris Hemsworth gets the best material, but the "too dumb to shit" thing gets old fast too. Kate McKinnon at least tries something different, but her character feels more like a studio note that said: "Appeal to Tumblr Fangirls?"

I wish the whole movie would be like the concert scene. The possessed mannequin is both funny and creepy, the banter between the protagonists is funny, the jokes work (there is a reason why they put some of them in the trailer), it's an entertaining setpiece, Michael McDonald shows up and the whole thing ends with a random celebrity cameo, that actually got a loud laugh out of me, although I saw it coming from a mile away.

There are some good ideas spread all over the movie. The idea of having a human villain is great! Too bad they ran with a stereotypical, socially awkward (Thank god this time nobody mentioned "the spectrum") nerd, who hates the world because whatever. This character was maybe the biggest, wasted opportunity. None of the original GHOSTBUSTERS movies had exactly well developed villains, but it's like they didn't even try here! At least Vigo or the hellhounds looked and acted scary! All we had here was a bad Josh Gad double acting like a BIG BANG THEORY character.

But the other ghosts worked. I really love the hell out their glowing look and even not-Josh Gad's endboss transformation was cool. The "windows" into the ghost dimension even scared me a bit!

I also have to give Paul Feig cudos for toning down his sociopathic humor. He normally loves to humiliate his protagonists over and over until it's not funny anymore and then he still keeps going, in a misguided attempt of trying to create sympathy, but not this time. (I can imagine all of those scenes were removed after the first trailer hit, to not give the internet trolls any ammo.) The only thing left, was a tone deaf "funny" death, that had no relevance to the plot and most likely would have been left on the cutting room floor, if a random bit player would have played the victim.

All in all it's not a disaster, but even with lowered expectations and removed from the silly war of the worst of both sexes, it rarely clicks.

(Random note: Fuck you, whoever put that Love Parade joke into the German dubbing. Fuck you big time!)
#058 in 2017