Hexed ★★★½

The movie's biggest problem is that it can't decide if it wants to be a dark humored femme fatal thriller parody or full blown slapstick, but I have to admit, I enjoy both sides of it. Especially Claudia Christian's mega acting is a delight. (She once called it her favourite acting experience, because it was the only time she was allowed to do whatever she wanted in front of the camera.)

It's interesting how it got a darker edge if you watch it in 2018. When it was made, the protagonist probably was acceptable as harmless dreamer, who didn't know when he went too far, until he was stuck neck deep in shit. By today's standards he is one of those stereotypical "nice guys", who feel they have earned the right to have sex just by having a slightly crappy life, without noticing that everything that happened to them is their fault. At the same time it's darkly funny that everybody goes full #MeToo on him, when he actually IS innocent.
#069 (giggle) in 2018
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