Hidden Figures ★★★

A good story, that hasn't been told a million times before, a great cast (and that guy from that "nerds are stupid haha" shitcom), all in all very inoffensive, but still a bit too run of the mill. There is nothing that we haven't seen in other racism/sexism themed underdog biopics before.

The two main problems are:
a) it shows racism as something that it too easy to solve. The movie shows us segretation, prejudice and we even see some news reports about the violence, that african americans had ( or have) to put up with, yet it seems like nothing is THAT much of a problem for the protagonists, because they either don't have to deal with the more horrible aspects (Nobody even gets called the N-word once!) or can simply talk themself out of everything. Now I get that this movie goes for a more upbeat feel-good mood, but this approach also seems a bit counterproductive. At one hand it's the story of three women, who defeated all odds and became pioneers, on the other hand their worst problem seems to be being stared at, when they enter a room, until their boss tells everybody that they are supposed to be there.

But b) the biggest problem is for me that after the first half is an entertaining, yet not really innovative or original underdog story, it suddenly turns into an smart-people-stand-in-a-room-and-think-about-mathematic-formulas movie. The part, where our heroines have to claim the right to do the job that they want, is so much more interesting than the "let's solve technical issues" part. When one of the dramatic highlights is "They figure out that an old way to solve a mathematical problem is the best way", your movie has a problem.
#015 in 2018
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