Hot Pursuit ★½

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a buddy comedy, that I didn’t enjoy to at least some degree. Especially if the buddys are a law enforcer and a criminal with a good heart. But this one fell totally flat for me. The protagonists were more annoying than funny and delivered very few laughs within the less than 90 minutes runtime.

What surprised me the most, was how offensive this light hearted PG-13 comedy was at times. We are not talking full Seth MacFarlane gross-out race- and sexism level here, it’s more that at times the script feels like it was written in the 80s and someone forgot to update certain stereotypical jokes. We have transgenderphobia, a black bus driver who goes full Stepin Fetchit at the first sign of danger, stupid rednecks, a women’s prison that seems to have only lesbians as inmates, a bus full of old people who seem to be too demented to realize that they are in danger, slut shaming, age shaming, size shaming, accidentally getting high on cocaine being played as wacky joke without any consequences, men who are too ignorant to know about menstruation, etc.

Sheesh, this is really a movie, that makes you wonder what everybody involved was thinking!