House Party 2 ★★½

Well, too bad that the German dub is this time more professional than in part 1, which means the sequel loses a huge chunk of its predecessor's entertainment value.

That said, HOUSE PARTY 2 isn't necessarily worse than part 1. I would even say it's a tiny bit better, because the humor is more cartoony and goes for crazier ideas, while it's at the same time a teen movie, that builds towards a big party climax, but spends most of its runtime on showing how the protagonist tries to grow up and fight for his education. I just have to appreciate this.

It's just too bad that the story isn't more interesting and the gags aren't funnier. The biggest laughs came from the throwbacks to part 1. But I have to say, as far as mediocre sequels to mediocre movies go, this is one of the best.
#136 in 2017
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