It ★★★½

Watched in its full, uninterrupted 180 minute version, it's a bit slow. There are many scenes and flashbacks, that could've been trimmed or left out completely. Divided in 2x90 minutes, I can see how the structure works better. But all in all I love how it takes its sweet time to paint a portray of of true friendship, that is just interrupted by some classic scare tactics.

Back then, this was pretty much the scariest shit ever. It doesn't really hold up that well in that regard. It's pretty much like watching an old black & white horror movie. You can appreciate the technical aspects, some script elements, maybe the atmosphere, but it's not really scary anymore.

However it must be said that Tim Curry's performance is one for the ages. There is a reason why we still hold it in high regard, although he has just an extended cameo. The way how he effortlessly changes from sweet, funny clown to scary monster without the help of any special effects. It's just him acting!

Also as dated as the movie is, it's also for an almost 30 years old TV production surprisingly cinematic. Not just because of its epic story, but also the way it's staged. Several scenes have some surprisingly elegant camerawork. I don't think it would've looked that good in a pre-TWIN PEAKS TV landscape.
#119 in 2018
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