King Arthur: Legend of the Sword ★★★½

Who would've guessed that after almost 20 years of almost every fantasy epic obeying the rules of Jackson's LOTR trilogy, Guy Ritchie injects fresh blood into the genre, simply by keeping it mostly on a street level and using the manic music video energy, that he was known for?

It's not a perfect homerun. There are still too many cliches and while the story's fast pace is often used to great effect (like when a huge, monster-filled adventure, that could've been its own movie, is cut down to a less than five minutes long montage), it often feels like it's missing at least one hour in the character department. More than one moment gave me a "Wait, I feel like I should know who this is and what their relationship is, but nobody told me" feeling.

Too bad that we most likely won't get the promised sequels. Despite all its flaws, it's an entertaining movie and I would love to see more adventures of those ragtag crew of street aristocracy.
#084 in 2018
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