Kung Fury

There are two kinds of cult movies. There are the ROCKY HORRORs and BLACK DYNAMITEs and then there are the MACHETE KILLSes, SHARKNADOs and KUNG FURYs. In the first category are movies, that are made by people who had a cool idea and carefully put together a movie that they can be proud of. The second category are movies, made by people, who just randomly slap every image from their ADHD ridden stoner brain together, without any feeling for rhythm or timing, because they know people will eat it up anyway.

KUNG FURY is not much more than a checklist of ADULT SWIM tropes.
- 80s nostalgia? Check!
- Gory comic violence? Check!
- Random popculture references? Check!
- Ninjas? Check!
- Nazis? Check!
- Special appereance by a hasbeen who re-vitalized his career with self-ironic sitcom and b-movie appereances? Check!

I have to admit, that the makers of this shortfilm have a certain technical talent, but it was difficult for me to pay attention. The sound of the director masturbating and screaming "THIS IS GONNA BE A CULT SENSATION! REDDIT WILL LOVE IT AND IT WILL GO VIRAL AND THE INTERNET WILL GO BANANAS! INSTANT FAME! INSTANT FAAAAAAAAAME!" was too distracting.