Live and Let Die ★★

It's the first time that the Bond movies tried to jump on a bandwagon with awful results. They were obviously going for the Blaxploitation market, but I don't think that the target audience was too fond on seeing a British honky beating up questionable stereotypes (which, in all fairness, are the same questionable stereotypes that were often glorified in Blaxploitation cinema).

But as cringy as it often gets, it's a lot less racist than you might think. Despite the jive-talkin pimps and the main villain being just a big time drug dealer, some of the previous movies were worse. (Hey, at least we didn't get a scene of Bond in blackface!)

But all racial politics, product of its time or not, aside, the movie is pretty weak. Its boring and has a script that is all over the place. Both the high and low point is the long motorboat chase, which is at one hand full of incredible stunts and exciting ideas, but on the other hand the so far worst attempts at comedy that this series ever had. The rest of the movie runs through the motions of the established trademarks, without adding much fun or entertainment to them.

I liked the flirt with supernatural themes, though. Having a villain who is superstitious and dabbles in religious cults, makes the movie stand out and gives us some oddly surreal moments.
#102 in 2018
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