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This review may contain spoilers.

Wow, that was a clusterfuck of at least three different movies, that don't really mix together.

The first one was: "The hitman who fucked up and becomes a better man while trying to safe his life", which is without a doubt the most interesting part of the movie.

The second was: "My future me is a child killer for an understandable reason", which I admire a bit for actually not wussing out on turning a character, who would be in every other version of the movie the hero, into a slightly tragic slasher film villain.

Finally the third was: "My life as the antichrist's mother", which also wasn't unteristing, but was pushed so hard into the background by the other two stories, that it barely scratched the surface.

As soon as the protagonist reached the farm, the movie fizzled out into every direction, without ever truly reaching its full potential. I feel bad for actually wanting the more mainstream version where Willis and Gordon-Levitt first are enemies, but then team up to save their asses, but the result is so over the place, it actually makes a good case for mainstreaming certain movies.

That said, it's at least directed with a very sure hand and as shitty as Gordon-Levitt's fake-Bruce make up looks like, he does a great job of imitating his facial expressions.

But please, for the love of whatever you pray to, stop trying to make kids look scary. There is nothing more ridiculous than when a kid tries to be intimidating, my making that silly pouty face.
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