Magical Mystery or: The Return of Karl Schmidt ★★★½

Well, finally someone made a movie about the German Techno Scene of the 90s, even if it was more the background for an entertaining, often surprisingly dry humored road movie, full of non sequiturs and big and small absurdities.

Your enjoyment of it might depend on your nostalgia for that era and its music and your ability to get along with movies, that don't really have a plot. There are some attempts at "Will our protagonist relapse into addiction?" moments, but they aren't really important and never feel like it matters in the first place.

The one thing that really drove me insane, were the musical anachronisms. They never say when the movie takes place, but judging by the size of the mobile phones and a barely readable poster in the background, it seems to be 1994. However most of the music in it not just sounds way too modern, some of the not-made-for-this-movie music also came out years later. (For example Miss Kittin's FRANK SINATRA or Alter Ego's ROCKER.) It's weird that someone would make at one hand a movie, that really nails this particular movement in this particular era, but then doesn't seem to care about such details.
#066 in 2018