Naked ★★★½

At this point I believe it's impossible to tell a bad time loop story. Not all of them are on the level of GROUNDHOG DAY, but it seems to be one of those plot devices, that are impossible to fuck up.

Even this one is really entertaining. There are some parts that are too silly in a "Dammit, Marlon Wayans, it's not the 90s anymore" way, but these bits, like the first encounter with the biker gang, are thankfully very few. The rest isn't a full homerun either, but I chuckled very often and I'm a sucker for even stupid "Learn how to become a better man" stories.

Actually the biggest problem I had, was that the protagonist, like so often in comedies, lacks any kind of common sense. Okay, it wouldn't really have changed anything about his situation, but how difficult is it to explain his situation to anybody? "Hi, I'm sorry, I woke up naked in an elevator, I don't know how I got there, I know this is weird and emberassing, but can you help me?" See? Easy!
#043 in 2018