On Her Majesty's Secret Service ★★★★

Definitely one of the best ones so far. Lazenby lacks charisma (and it's destracting how much he looks like a Sean Connery, who was starved to death), but does an all in all good job and would've maybe grown into the role. Diana Rigg is as sexy and charming as Emma Peel and the movie makes it very obvious why she is the one, that warms Bond's heart. But as much as I like Telly Savalas, he is no Donald Pleasance.

The script is definitely unusual, with its mix of personal Bond adventure and the typical undercover-at-exotic-location-to-top-supervillain fare, but it plays with the formula enough to create something fresh, without changing everything that's good about it. And it was a very brave move, to not just end the movie with such a bummer, but also do this in the first Connery-less one. It's like the producers thought: "We might alienate all our fans with the loss of Connery, so let's do it in style!"

I'm a bit torn about the endless chase down the mountain. It's full of exciting stunts, but after Bond (and his future wife) got chased downhill for over 25 minutes (with only one quick sex break), I really was ready for it to stop. I can imagine that it was some truly mindblowing stuff, back in 1969, just because of its excessiveness.

But all in all I approve. It was the least problematic one of the series so far and one of the most interesting.
#009 in 2018
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