Pacific Rim: Uprising ★★★

This is the PACIFIC RIM movie for the people, who didn't like part 1's try of being a monster Vs robots movie with real gravitas. There is always some shit happening, the characters don't have time to develop, nothing really sticks, but it's fun in a mindless popcorn way.

Although it's really disappointing that Steven S. DeKnight, the creator of one of the best shows of all time, couldn't come up with anything better. It really makes you appreciate how much care del Toro put into his movie. It had side characters who didn't say much or even at all, but you remember them! I doubt that I will remember any of the kids here, except for that little girl. And man, in part 1 it really looked like thousands of tons of metal fight thousands of tons of flesh, muscles and bones in the real world. While the FX here are not awful (minus some green screen shots), they really look and feel like weightless cartoons.
#122 in 2018