Paddington ★★★½

My enthusiasm for this movie disappeared early, when it started with the tired "dead parent in a kids movie" trope and Paddington then became friends with a family of stereotypes ("Aw mah gawd, you are so emberassing"-daughter included). Also: Nicole Kidman.

But then it won me over with its Jeunet-esque style, the heightened reality where a talking animal is unusual, but still normal enough to walk around in broad daylight without anybody making a big fuzz about it (Kinda like in STUART LITTLE), and a bunch of really good gags and payoffs. And guess what!? Even Nicole Kidman was great! I'm not saying she should've gotten an Oscar nomination or something, but this is the first time that I actually thought that she brought something to a role and was taylor made to play it!

It's not the greatest piece of family entertainment ever or just of this decade. There are a bunch of hacky jokes about ear wax, men in drag or people (and bears) getting hit in the head. The script is a bit aimless at times. But you have to be a really heartless bastard to not be charmed and entertained by it.
#136 in 2018

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