Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales ★★★½

While it's a step up from the kinda pedestrian part 4, Gore Verbinski's masterful eye for controlled chaos is still sorely missed. After the hilarious bank heist and public execution shenanigans, all bigger setpieces are so badly and confusingly staged and edited, that it spoils a lot of the fun.

Scriptwise the whole thing is a far cry from the first three too. Salazar looks great, but he is the lamest villain of the series. Stuff seems to happen randomly, in best GAME OF THRONES tradition seemingly important characters die quickly or just disappear and many things feel like one of those best of albums, that only have re-recorded versions of the classic hits, instead of the originals. (For example Salazar's crew seems like a mash-up of the the skeletons from part 1 and Davy Jones' crew from part 2 & 3.)

That said, Jack Sparrow is still one of the most entertaining characters of our time and the world of POTC still pulls an incredible amount of unique fantasy moments out of its hat. I wouldn't mind if they would keep making a new one every few years, even if they will most likely never be as good as the original three.
#051 in 2018
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