Plan B ★★★½

Let me tell you something about the German movie landscape. Every week you can read another thinkpiece or interview, where someone complains about how you can't get any genre movies greenlit here, unless they are cheap and for kids. Everybody always aks "Why aren't there German fantasy epics or German horror movies or German action movies?", but all we get are the aforementioned kids movies (most of the time even without fantasy elements), history lessons (95% about Nazis, because otherwise we would never win Oscars) or lame comedies.

Then someone makes a genre movie and the audience dismisses it unseen as crap, while the distributor doesn't give a shit about doing their job and just dumps the movie without any advertising in a handful of big city arthouse cinemas, which is then followed by the same outcry for more genre productions from Germany. It's a vicious circle.

PLAN B is one of those movies that fell victim to the same old mix of "We asked for a German action movie, but didn't want to see it because we don't like German movies" and "Nobody told us that this movie exists". Which is too bad. It's not a masterpiece. It's not even as memorable as your average LUC BESSON PRESENTS joint. But it's entertaining and obviously made with care by people who love the genre.

The action is extremely well choreographed and filmed, the story has the right amount of wink and nudge without becoming obnoxious and the protagonists, while sometimes being a bit wooden in the acting department, share a good chemistry and have the right fighting skills to stand out. If Germany would produce DTV action movies, these guys would be HUGE!

Also I have to admit that if this would be an American DTV movie, I would probably rate it a half star lower. It's solid for that corner of action filmmaking, but by German standards it's definitely a bit cooler than expected. There are not many German movies with a Heidi Moneymaker fightscene! In fact, this is the only one! You gotta honor that!
#121 in 2018
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