Quicksilver Highway ★★

I say this was obviously supposed to be a failed pilot for an anthology horror show. Too bad. Christopher Lloyd as creepy, yet likeable ginger in goth gear, who tells horror stories to unsuspecting people, is something that I would've loved to have on my TV every week back in the late 90s.

As long as the stories are better than what we get here.

The first episode, about a man who gets saved from an evil hitchhiker by an unsuspected friend, lacks any kind of suspense. What should be a thrilling duel between an average Joe and a psychopath, with a crazy twist ending, is just bla. The only saving grave is the funny/creepy image of the bad guy getting dragged into the desert.

The 2nd episode is much better, although something tells me that Clive Barker's original story wasn't so outright slapstick-funny, like it was depicted here. However, the story escalated in weirder and weirder way, to make the whole thing at least a bit watchable.
#099 in 2018
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