Ready Player One ★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

Well, I guess even Spielberg gotta eat. To be fair, he brings his technical A-game anyway. I think he is incapable of phoning it in. But not even his surehand filmatism can save this carnival of mediocrity.

Okay, I appreciate that this is a movie, that portrays hanging out in virtual worlds and becoming friends with people who you've never met in real life, as something good and perfectly normal, instead of something that only weirdos do and that will ruin your life. And the nostalgiaturbation was less awkward and distracting than expected.

But the story just kept dragging and the worldbuilding was underwhelming. At no point in the movie I felt like I had any idea what is was like to live either in this movie's "real" world or the Oasis. Even if the villain turned out to be a cold blooded killer, his big plan was technically just adding pop-up ads to 2nd Life and since I never got a feeling for the importance of that virtual world, trying to stop him didn't seem that important to me.

And did I miss something or were the US the only place in the world that were affected by whatever crisis made the people turn to the Oasis? We never see anybody outside of the US playing and the heroes even seem to live all in the same area. If I would have to go on a heroic journey with my internet friends, only one of them would be able to show up within 2 hours. The rest had to fly in from the UK, Canada, Australia or the US!

Ugh, I don't know. I didn't hate this movie, but I also have already forgotten most of it.
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