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This review may contain spoilers.

A competent sequel, that never reaches the heights of part 1.

There are two great sequences, the scene with Sarah Michelle Gellar and the one in the car, but neither is a nailbiter like the beginning and the end of part 1.

It's also a bit weird that the clever satire, that made part 1 so refreshing, is non-existant here. The movie opens with an extremely on-the-nose scene, in which two black stereotypes discuss black stereotypes in horror movies, while being surrounded by assholes who are super hyped to see some sex and violence in a movie, that was based on a true story, until they see some true violence with their own eyes. After that, we get some lame "sequels always suck" jokes and a scene where Randy explains the rules to sequels, but then none of the things, that he explained to the audience, happens! (Maybe the higher bodycount, but it can't be that much higher. And it's definitely less bloody than part 1!)

It also must be said that the movie isn't as tight as its predecessor. It's a bit too long, the red harrings are weak...and I sound like I hated this movie, but I didn't. Like I said: It's competent. There isn't really anything in it that gives me a reason to hate it. It's just doesn't give me a reason to LOVE it either.
#104 in 2018