Scream ★★★★

While this one started the unfortunately still existing subgenre of meta-horror movies, that randomly make up rules and pretend that the horror genre always worked liked that, it still holds up.

The script is extremely tight and the suspense moments even work after 20 years and repeated viewings. Especially the instantly iconic opening and the finale are incredibly well put together. Even if you already know who did it, it's fun to see how every single supporting actor gets over the course of the movie one short moment, that was designed to turn him into a suspect.

And most of all I love how subtle the meta-humor often is, compared to many of its copycats. Yeah, the "movie characters talk about movies" moments can get a bit annoying, but I love that when for example a character runs upstairs after saying five minutes earlier how dumb it is when people do that in movies, it's staged like a "real" scene and not like a gag, although it obviously is meant to be one. We don't even hear the character say: "Oh no, I run upstairs, like in a horror movie!"

Wes Craven's career was hit or miss, but all in all I think this is maybe his 2nd finest work (after NIGHTMARE).

Things to explain to our kids when they watch this for the first time:

Yes, there was a time when it was so special to carry a cell phone with you, that simply having one could make you the prime suspect in a murder case!

Yes, the 2nd half of the 90s was all about how many movies you knew and how much random trivia you could drop at any given moment.

Yes, there were stores where you had to rent movie in tiny, black plastic boxes, that you then watched on TVs, that were square and heavy enough to kill a man, if you drop it on his head.
#103 in 2018