Shakma ★★★½

I don't know any other horror movie where we see the killer's naked ass so many times.

Anyway, I was ready to dismiss this movie right from the start. Everything about it, the dialogue, the acting (Even Roddy McDowall kinda sucked), the whole roleplay plot, screamed at me: "THIS IS CHEESY CRAP!" That the German dubbing, which was unfortunately the only version available, also sounded like a bad fandub, with flat voice acting and scenes that had most sound FX missing, wasn't really changing my first impression either.

But then the baboon mayhem started, thankfully pretty early, and it won me over. Simply because baboons are fucking scary and in many scenes we see a real wild animal go fucking crazy! You can't fake that kind of intensity with special effects or an actor in make up!

And of course I love "Group of people trapped with a monster" movies.

It's still too cheesy and often downright bad to call it a good movie. For example we see how Shakma mauls the shit out of his victims, but when we see them later, they don't have any visible wounds and only lay there, with fake blood poured on them. (Except for the first two. It's like they blew all of their make up budget on them.) But it also has its qualities. Like I said, the baboon attacks are fucking intense, even if he just keeps jumping at a closed door! The scene in the bathroom stall is legitimately great filmatism on display! This is maybe the only horror movie, where the hero actually gets time to mourn for the victims, instead of just being shocked for a few second, before he forgets about them. And the ending is surprisingly ballsy in its bleakness.
#115 in 2018