Skiptrace ★★½

That movie was most likely written by someone who never watched a movie before. Then he was allowed to turn the TV on for one day and all he saw was National Geographic, a bunch of Jackie Chan's american movies and some 80s b-action films. With all that "brand new and exciting" stuff on his mind, he decided to write a screenplay, with everything that he just saw in it.

And to be honest, once you as a viewer realize, that there is not one original idea in SKIPTRACE, it's not unentertaining. Chan and Knoxville make a good team, the camerawork is during action scenes surprisingly dynamic for an American movie and also catches some beautiful nature shots and while none of the fights or stunts is comparabale to Jackie's best, they get their job done.

In conclusion: It's okay.
#110 in 2017
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