Star Trek Beyond ★★★½

Even the 2nd time around I think it's a weaker entry into the series. There is still much to like, but after the previous 1 1/2 movies did almost everything right to update Trek without losing its heart and soul, this one feels kinda half-assed. This definitely the SEARCH FOR SPOCK of the new movie series. Not bad, but also not outstanding.

The biggest takeaway this time is how the villain sounds like an alt-right posterboy, with his anti-multi-culturalism/"keep the borders closed, making peace is for pussies" attitude. I can see him totally wearing a "Make Earth great again" cap!

The oddest thing about this movie is maybe how badly staged and edited the action scenes are. I expected better from Justin Lin. Still, if you don't smile when the Enterprise crew saves the day with the help of the Beastie Boys, you don't have a heart.
#041 in 2018